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clearlocks: What Good Is It for Anyway?

The ‘clearlocks’ utility has been around, as a part of Teamcenter, for very long time. In my opinion, for Teamcenter DBAs and system administrators there never was (yes, I said ‘was’…read more) any other friendly and helpful utility than clearlocks; especially with –verbose argument. If the clearlocks utility is still part of Teamcenter, then why […]

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Mixing Multiple Visual Studio Versions in a Program is Evil

Many times I have seen programmers complain that they see some strange behavior during testing; something that they cannot explain. Either their program crashes randomly or it simply crashes for no apparent reason. They scratch their head trying to debug their code. Everything seems fine, inputs are OK, memory allocations seem fine, code does not seem […]

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‘Siddhi’ means perfection, mastering a difficult skill, success. ‘Om’ is the source of all the energy; it is the source of the energy behind the creation, preservation and destruction of the universe. This philosophy guides us in providing perfect, flexible, future proof, high quality solutions to every customer.


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