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To Delete or Not To Delete, That’s the Question

I have a Ghost in My Teamcenter System Back in September 2012, one of our clients called me and said, “I think we have a ghost lurking in our Teamcenter installation”. His user was complaining that he had lost a weeks worth of work when the assembly he was working on suddenly vanished from the folder […]

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clearlocks: What Good Is It for Anyway?

The ‘clearlocks’ utility has been around, as a part of Teamcenter, for very long time. In my opinion, for Teamcenter DBAs and system administrators there never was (yes, I said ‘was’…read more) any other friendly and helpful utility than clearlocks; especially with –verbose argument. If the clearlocks utility is still part of Teamcenter, then why […]

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Applying Teamcenter Workflow Template Changes to Active Jobs

If you are like me, I am sure you were quite frustrated by Teamcenter Engineering when you edited Teamcenter workflow template and wanted all active jobs to reflect those changes. Imagine that you were given a task of editing a workflow template (e.g. add an action handler or rule handler to a task, remove an […]

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Build Complex Logic into Teamcenter Workflow using Rule Handler Quorum

Have you ever wondered how to build complex logic in your Teamcenter workflow templates without writing your own custom rule handler? Read on – Here I will show you how to build complex logic using – Rule Handlers with Quorums, and Or Tasks. Rule Handler Requirements Suppose you have an ECN workflow that cannot proceed […]

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