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Assign Signoff Team

Assign Sign-off Team Handler

Eliminate redundant selection of Review Task teams


  • Automatically push or pull signoff team members (or responsible party members) from one task to another without operator intervention.

  • Avoid the hassle of repetitively selecting signoff team members, and responsible party users.

  • Selected in Workflow Designer just like an OOTB action handler.


Teamcenter provides a robust number of ways to select individuals responsible for approving a task, or specifying who is responsible for a task.  Often times a signoff team is manually selected (by the responsible person) for a task.  The folks on that signoff team also become responsible for other downstream tasks.

Push a person assigned as a signoff team member in the current task to the signoff team in a future task.

Pull a person assigned as a signoff team member in a previous task to the signoff team in the current task.

Make the person assigned as a signoff team member in a previous or future task, the Responsible Party of a previous or future task.


> No guessing as to which task is being affected.

Designate full path to affected task from root level.

  • Task1:Task2:Task3:select-signoff-team

> Full flexibility to control team assignments.

Ad-Hoc signoff members pulled from one task are always be placed as Ad-Hoc signoff members on receiving task.

Signoff team members are match based on task signoff profile.

  • Depending on whether Push or Pull mode is being used, the handler makes every attempt to match the designated Group and Role specified in the signoff profile for the source and destination tasks.
  • If Joe Smith has been selected for the Engineering/Drafting approver for Task-A, Joe will be assigned to the Engineering/Drafting approver on Task-B.
  • If the Engineering/Drafting Profile does not exist on task-B, or has already been filled, Joe will be assigned as an Ad-Hoc member instead.
  • Already selected signoff team members can be maintained or cleared depending on whether handler is used in a PUSH, PULL, or HYBRID mode.


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