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To Delete or Not To Delete, That’s the Question

I have a Ghost in My Teamcenter System Back in September 2012, one of our clients called me and said, “I think we have a ghost lurking in our Teamcenter installation”. His user was complaining that he had lost a weeks worth of work when the assembly he was working on suddenly vanished from the folder […]

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SiOM Systems

Expertise in Teamcenter security & access management, configuration management, options & variant configuration, engineering change management, NX CAD data management, document management, workflow/process management, absolute occurrences, appearances, and data migration.

Our Philosopy

‘Siddhi’ means perfection, mastering a difficult skill, success. ‘Om’ is the source of all the energy; it is the source of the energy behind the creation, preservation and destruction of the universe. This philosophy guides us in providing perfect, flexible, future proof, high quality solutions to every customer.


... A true professional who can help guide Teamcenter implementations, mentor and teach staff new to Teamcenter, and architect and guide a client to the best practical solution. Read more